elise toïdé photography

September 15, 2010, 4:20 pm



Neri shot in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo, in his classical oversized ‘ yamamotoesque’ pants.”

Neri walking alone in Tokyo”

Photos published in  STORYTELLERS  in the last issue of Encens Magazine :

“They are unmistakable. Their outfits – codified, consisting of micro-strata and minute details discernible only by connoisseurs-provide precious information on the designer, the label, the magazine, the editor-in-chief for whom they work. Their job is far from simple. Their task is – as if almost an aside, that is unhesitatingly repeated one hundred times, over, if necessary – to insidiously transfer established rules, to breath life into them from the inside, in order to avoid restrictions, repetitions, and excessive comfort in a particular style. They may introduce a Tibetan inspiration , decree the commercial future of a culotte, obscure perception by only wearing oversized outfits, morning and night. Their specific role also sometimes consists of being a therapist, by calming down – in the middle of the night – an existential nightmare surrounding a harmonisation between beige and blue. This goes to show the extent of their discretion, in never suggesting even the tiniest flaw. As if they have signed a pact with a certain notion of fashion, for which they manipulate the narrative threads and the secrets to perfection.”

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